5 Communities Supported By All Heart NZ This Year

5 Communities Supported By All Heart NZ This Year

To date, All Heart NZ has redirected 2,293,874kg of unwanted corporate items from landfill! But where did they end up? With the 297 community groups we have supported so far.

We utilise 100% of redirected corporate items to create employment and improve the lives of people in need. The items end up supporting all sorts of incredible community groups across Aotearoa New Zealand and the rest of the world too.

Here are 5 recent examples of communities who have received redirected items.

Cotswold School

“The furniture has given the new blocks a much needed boost, providing additional storage and desks for the teacher spaces. We greatly appreciate this support and kindness from your organisation. Thanks, Cotswold Senior Syndicate.”

– Cotswold School Staff Member, Ashleigh Macdonald.

NEST Arts Centre

“The desks have been put to good use as display tables for our launch Exhibition, and later will be work stations for our resident artists. This was our first official furniture for our non profit collective, and we are so grateful.
Thank you for all you do.”

– Mel & Laura.

On Demand Logistics

We gifted On Demand Logistics several boxes of diaries last month – their students loved them!

Through its training arm, On Demand Training, On Demand Logistics provides pathways for people wanting to work in the transport and logistics industry.

On Demand Training facilitates programmes for secondary schools and the Ministry of Social Development. Their programmes provide people with practical skills to achieve certifications such as truck, forklift, and elevated work platform licences. Alongside the practical training, On Demand also helps trainees to develop soft skills, such as how to manage interviews, balance schedules, and create CV’s.

Ilam School

“Recently, we received some donated furniture from All Heart NZ for our school. The reason we applied for this furniture is because I wanted to set up a comfortable and attractive room that our learning assistants can use when teaching some our students with learning needs.

Due to Covid 19, our budget was restricted. So, I attempted to get what I could very cheaply. When I received the furniture from All Heart NZ, I was really thankful as it was exactly what I needed for our learning assistants to have their own space.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to All Heart NZ for their donation to our school. It has made a big difference to the way our learning assistants can operate within our school. It is very much appreciated.”

– Ilam School Staff Member, Kirsten Aaron.

Tangaroa College

“Our main focus was to supply the diaries to our senior students (targeting our Yr13 students first, Yr12 and then Yr11) in the hope that the diaries could be used for: personal reflection, short term goal setting, reminders of important school dates etc.

We believe as a school that if our students are given the opportunity and resources to succeed then they will naturally do so.”

– Tangaroa College Staff Member, Bryan Marsh.

If you are a community group who needs our help, ‘like’ our Facebook page and watch out for our posts of inventory that could go to you!

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