Virtual Sustainability Department

Virtual Sustainability Department

A Revolutionary Shift for Organisations Across New Zealand

In the thriving metropolises of Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, businesses are facing the evolving challenges of the modern age. One significant challenge, and also an opportunity, is the adoption of sustainability measures. All Heart NZ’s ReThink services provide an ingenious solution: the Virtual Sustainability Department. This service brings bespoke sustainability expertise directly to organisations, irrespective of their size, right at their digital doorstep.

Understanding the Virtual Sustainability Department

Traditional sustainability measures often required companies to establish an entire department, drawing in specialists, resources, and significant investments. The Virtual Sustainability Department, pioneered by All Heart NZ, revolutionises this approach. It offers organisations access to a full-fledged sustainability team remotely, leveraging the power of digital transformation. This makes high-level sustainability expertise accessible even to those businesses without the capacity to house an in-person department in cities like Wellington or Christchurch.

  1. Expertise on Tap: Gain access to a team of experienced sustainability professionals without the overheads of hiring a full-time team.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Every organisation is unique. The Virtual Sustainability Department crafts solutions tailored for each organisation’s distinct needs and objectives.
  3. Agile Responses: As the sustainability landscape evolves, businesses in Auckland and beyond can rely on agile, up-to-date guidance from specialists to navigate these changes.

Embedding Sustainability into Business DNA

The beauty of the Virtual Sustainability Department lies in its integration capability. It isn’t just an external service; it acts as an extension of the organisation, understanding its ethos, challenges, and ambitions. This ensures that sustainability isn’t just a checkbox but is interwoven into the very fabric of business operations and strategies.

The collaboration between businesses and All Heart NZ’s Virtual Sustainability Department goes beyond mere advisories. The process encompasses strategising, implementation of sustainable practices, and periodic reviews. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses in cities like Christchurch aren’t just equipped with sustainable strategies but also see them through to tangible outcomes.


The modern era requires modern solutions. As the business landscapes of Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch evolve, sustainability emerges as a non-negotiable pillar for growth. The Virtual Sustainability Department offered by All Heart NZ’s ReThink services is a beacon for organisations aiming to embed sustainability into their core without the constraints of traditional models. It’s not just about being sustainable; it’s about doing it smartly, efficiently, and with a vision for the future. And with this innovative service, New Zealand businesses are well on their way to a greener, brighter tomorrow.