Unveiling Our Journey: All Heart NZ’s Impactful Start to 2024

It’s with a spirit of celebration that All Heart NZ presents our first impact report of the year, a testament to the meaningful strides in sustainability and community enrichment we’ve achieved together.

🌳 Carbon Emissions Slashed:

A whopping 3,757 tonnes of potential carbon emissions have been averted, thanks to our concerted redirection efforts. This is more than a figure; it’s a beacon of our environmental stewardship.

🔄 A Surge in Sustainability:

With 90% of items diverted from landfills, we’ve embraced a culture of reuse and repurposing, paving the way for a greener tomorrow.

🏠 Expanding Our Reach:

Our Resource Recovery Hubs in Kaikohe, Manukau, Waitara, and Wellington have become cornerstones of community upliftment, with Christchurch poised to join this thriving network.

🛤️ From Local to Global:

From 28 towns and cities across New Zealand to 9 different countries, our efforts are truly global, reflecting our mission’s expansive reach.

🧑‍🔧 Empowerment Through Employment:

With 29 individuals finding employment and countless others receiving training, we’re not just redirecting resources; we’re fostering human potential.

🌐 Community Impact:

Our work has touched 481 communities, seeding development, and resilience through the redistribution of resources.

👐 Volunteer Power:

The dedication of 89 volunteers each month is the driving force behind our success, embodying the power of community service.

This report narrates a journey of hope, action, and collective impact. It’s a story woven by every saved item, each employment opportunity, and the communities we bolster.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for being an integral thread in this tapestry of positive change.

Let’s carry this momentum into the rest of 2024, nurturing our sustainable ethos and reinforcing our bonds within the community.

Dive into our full impact report and join us in celebrating these achievements. Here’s to a year of continued sustainable action and community support with All Heart NZ! 📈🌟

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