Sustainable Soft-Demo

Sustainable Soft-Demo

A Sustainable Partnership for a Circular Solution

Thanks to our Impact Partner: iDemo, tonnes of valuable construction materials avoided landfill and were redirected back into our community and economy – showing how our services truly create a circular solution.

Redirect, Repurpose, Reduce

Our National Relationships Manager: Julie, and All Heart Store National Rangatira: LJ, were onsite while the soft demo took place. The iDemo and All Heart NZ team stickered items and materials for Redirection – Anything requiring maintenance was sent to All Heart Store for Repurposing.

Community Impact: Creating Employment, Education, Training, and Volunteerism

iDemo’s partnership with All Heart NZ and All Heart Store reflect their ongoing support for a sustainable circular solution and community support.

All Heart Store are now Repurposing and Upcycling some of the soft demo materials, to create profit-for-purpose that funds community good. The tonnes of quality demo materials destined for landfill are now providing employment, education, training, and volunteerism opportunities to whanau in our community.

iDemo has this to say about their partnership with All Heart NZ:

“iDemo have proudly partnered with All Heart NZ for this demolition project at 188 Quay St, to support us in reaching our target of diverting at least 70% of demolition materials from landfill. We have found the team at All Heart to be extremely accommodating and easy to deal with. They understand the challenges that can arise when working in the fast-paced commercial sector, which has been vital in ensuring that this project still runs efficiently to also meet our set project deadline. It is a heart-warming feeling knowing that the items supplied to All Heart are being repurposed into the community. Diverting waste from landfill not only helps our environment, but also positively impacts communities, so it’s great to have a company like All Heart who can help make this possible.”

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