Redirection Supporting Porirua Families

Redirection Supporting Porirua Families

Thanks to our incredible Impact Partners we have been able to Redirect tonnes of ex-corporate equipment to an amazing Porirua community organisation.

Menorah Prayer Mountain Church is part of a larger ministry called Agape International Ministries – who are creating some incredible impact in communities across Aotearoa.

Menorah PMC used whatever space available to take in the Redirected items and invited locals to take whatever they needed, for free.

As a result, hundreds of families and community members have been and continue to be supported by Menorah PMC and our Redirection service.


This impact would not be possible without the support of our Impact Partners and corporates. When corporates begin to think sustainably and start changing their behaviours, it enables us to support them in creating positive social-environmental impact.

Our services empower corporates to think sustainably and ethically about where their redundant items end up.

If your business needs assistance with a specific sustainability project, utilise one of our sustainability services: Redirect, Reduce, Repurpose.

Start creating impact, stop creating rubbish.

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