Making an Impact with Waste Management

Making an Impact with Waste Management

At All Heart NZ we are incredibly passionate about contributing to and creating a circular economy: a system that is restorative, reusing and borrowing as opposed to taking and wasting. It excites us when a corporate chooses to think sustainably and asks, ‘how can we do things differently?’ All Heart NZ is excited to partner with Waste Management as one of our new ‘Impact Partners.’ All Heart NZ will be supporting and assisting the wider sustainability efforts of Waste Management by providing an additional solution for their clients’ unwanted items.

The unwanted items will support hundreds of communities across Aotearoa, creating a circular economy rather than ending up in landfill. Every day we are seeing more businesses understand that to succeed they must consider their decisions and how they impact people and planet. It’s important for businesses to take a closer look and monitor the social and environmental repercussions of their supply chains and product procurement.

With this in mind, we also understand not every business can employ a Sustainability Manager full-time. Meanwhile, working with multiple sustainability consultants on different areas of the business quickly becomes complex, time consuming, and a major managerial task. That’s why All Heart NZ truly is a one stop. We are for businesses who believe in sustainable operations that positively impact people and our planet. We are here to help your business thrive!

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