Impact Partner Annual Report Event

Impact Partner Annual Report Event

We’ve recently wrapped our Annual Impact Event, leaving us brimming with gratitude. We were delighted to share our accomplishments, discuss our future aspirations, and, most importantly, celebrate our collective efforts toward a better future.

Our sincerest THANK YOU goes to everyone who took part in this incredible journey. We are immensely grateful to our devoted team, our Impact Partners committed to sustainability, and to all businesses that have chosen to ReDirect, RePurpose and ReThink with us! Your unwavering support and faith in our mission fuel our progress and make a tangible difference.

Reflecting on the fruits of our shared efforts during the event was deeply rewarding. And now, as we look ahead, we’re more excited than ever for the journey toward sustainability that lies before us.

In heartfelt appreciation,

All Heart NZ Board & Staff Team, (The Whanau)

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