Giving Hope Through Work Experience

Giving hope and restoring dignity is part of our Kaupapa at All Heart NZ.

Introducing Trish our amazing Volunteer!

Giving hope and restoring dignity is part of our Kaupapa at All Heart NZ.  This is Trish (centre) our amazing volunteer at All Heart Store Manukau who has completed 6 weeks of work experience as part of a programme to return to work after time away with an injury.  Trish has been such an asset to the Store, fitting in with the team and turning her hand to keep the Store running smoothly. 

This was in partnership with Active+ who help rehabilitate people back into employment after an accident, injury or health issues.  Ronnie, Vocational Consultant at Active+ referred Trish to All Heart and, after gaining valuable work experience and confidence, Trish is now cleared to return to employment.  She is also keen to volunteer for us when she can.  What a great collaboration and a win win all round.

Corporates thinking sustainably, redirecting unwanted items from landfill and lives are changed for the better as a result. A truly positive outcome for people and the planet. 

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