Enabling Education and Employment

Enabling Education and Employment

A Passionate Volunteer

Rusty is a volunteer teacher at an Auckland prison and offers educational support to those undertaking Correspondence School or Open Polytechnic Courses within the justice system.

These courses provide students with resources and skills to support their post-release employment journey.

Searching for a Solution

Due to a lack of study equipment, students are limited to writing their work by hand. Part of Rusty’s educational support is to review assignments and provide feedback – if corrections are suggested then students have to re-write entire assignments by hand. This is extremely inefficient for students and difficult to mark.

Searching for a solution, Rusty was reached out to our All Heart NZ team to see if we could offer any support. Of course, we contacted All Heart Store to see if they had any tech equipment suitable for Rusty.

Repurposing and Refurbishing

Our Up-Cycle Technician, Ian, refurbished some tech equipment so that we could provide a complete study set-up for Rusty’s students! Now completing assignments will be much more efficient, and students can learn an abundance of skills to support their post-release employment journey. Word processing, spreadsheets, and general computer skills can too be added to their CV! 

Giving Hope and Restoring Dignity

We are proud to provide this equipment and support to Rusty and his students’ – so people like Rusty can provide these students with crucial skills and resources to support their integration back into the community and workforce.

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