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All Heart NZ

The Warehouse bowls feed Kiwi kids

All Heart NZ is stoked to have partnered with The Warehouse Group to find a home for over 2,000 ‘end of line’ breakfast bowls by re-directing these to an amazing charity, Breakfast Club.  Within an hour they were able to distribute the bowls to the schools, Marae and other charities they work with to support those in need.  What a privilege to partner with an organisation like Breakfast Club and the awesome work they do providing breakfast in schools to children who need to have their tummies filled! Thanks so much to The Warehouse Group for thinking sustainably and having a positive impact both on our community and the environment as a result.

The founder of All Heart NZ, Joe Youssef, was recently interviewed by The Warehouse Group about their Sustainability partnership.

All Heart NZ partners with corporates nationally to repurpose any and all surplus items for good, so contact us to find out how we can help.

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