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9 Mar, 2018

New Pillow For Nine Year Old Boy

For the first time in his life, a nine-year-old Auckland boy received his own pillow thanks to All Heart NZ. We are on a mission to do anything to keep corporate waste out of the tip and recycle to those in need!

Our founder, Joseph Youssef, set up All Heart NZ in 2015 to offer a sustainability solution to corporates. Corporates were struggling to find a solution for their corporate waste and most unwanted corporate items were being sent to the tip. No one was doing large scale sustainability. How do you get rid of 250 surplus desks or 200 pillows?

In Auckland, 83% of tip waste is either corporate or construction waste, but a good percentage of it is either reusable or recyclable.

All Heart NZ offers a one-stop solution at no greater cost than paying somebody to send waste to the tip. Joseph says,“Our approach is – we take it all!”

Since February 2017, we have saved 469, 320 kg of corporate waste from landfill and supported 37 different community groups with the equipment saved.

But that is not the best part. The feel good factor of doing something good for the environment and for the community, is rubbing off on the corporate world!

Auckland City major Hotel Groups

All Heart NZ is forging great relationships with some of Auckland City’s major hotel groups. A huge number of usable resources, for example; linen, blankets, pillows and bathroom fixtures, are being made available by hotels for us to redistribute where they are needed most in the community.

We were successful in redirecting no longer needed furnishings from Heritage Hotel, Hobson Street, Auckland. Blankets and pillows were made available and All Heart NZ connected these goods to a social housing programme in West Auckland.

Amongst the individuals who received the bedding was a mum and her three children, recently homed by the programme after living for a time in the family car. The lady’s nine- year-old son was absolutely thrilled that, for the very first time in his lifetime, he had his own unshared pillow! It’s good to hear how individual lives can be impacted by the actions of a large business like the Heritage Hotel.

New Pillow For Nine Year Old Boy