All Heart NZ

All Heart NZ

Social procurement – helping businesses with ethical outsourcing

All Heart NZ is part of a move in New Zealand towards supporting businesses in social procurement  (also known as social purchasing) which is essentially buying goods and services from social enterprises, with the intention of making a positive social impact.  All Heart NZ is the kind of organisation The Ākina Foundation is registering on its new social procurement platform, called fwd which is being launched in conjunction with New Zealand Post. The idea is for businesses to be part of an online social procurement marketplace, so they can be spending dollars in the supply chain where there will be social change at the same time.  A win win for all!  And All Heart NZ’s one-stop solution for re-purposing any redundant corporate equipment or waste is the perfect example of this type of ethical outsourcing.

The Spinoff has profiled All Heart NZ in their online article about outsourcing ethics if you want to find out more.

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