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Why Reduce?

Companies are increasingly facing a complex array of trade-offs and risks across their value chains from increasing demand from our natural resources to economic disparity and climate change.

However, these also bring a range of opportunities and give your business the competitive edge customers are increasingly demanding.


  • Consumers switch to a more sustainable brand and encourage others to do the same.
  • It becomes harder to attract and retain talent.
  • It becomes harder to attract investments and access capital.
  • Significant extra costs through increased environmental regulation.
  • It’s a struggle to compete effectively in bids and tenders due to a lack of sustainability ‘credentials'.
  • An inability to partner or collaborate to innovate with other sustainable businesses.
  • You miss out on cost savings and/or face business disruptions due to inefficient resource use.
  • You do not have goods or services relevant to customers’ or consumers’ needs. 


  • Increase in Profits: Research shows that investing in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can lead to revenue growth, save costs and increase profits and market shares

  • Competitive Edge and Brand Loyalty: Consumers and customers are demanding a better understanding of where their goods and services are from, how they are made and expect businesses to make it easy for them to make sustainable choices by building sustainability into their policies and practices

  • Employees: Sustainability helps attract, retain and engage the best staff as job seekers increasingly think it is important to work for a company that is socially and environmentally responsible

  • Procurement: It’s increasingly common for large companies to include sustainability performance in their tender processes, comparing suppliers, products or services against their own values and performance. 

  • Exporters: Sustainable business processes can lead to better access to international markets. Considering our distance from key markets, Aotearoa New Zealand exporters need to ensure their products are seen as premium in order to compete 

Our Reduce Partnerships

After many years working with different corporates, we realised that not every business can employ a Sustainability Manager full time. 

Meanwhile, working with multiple sustainability consultants on different areas of the business quickly becomes complex time consuming and a major managerial task.

This is why we are a one-stop sustainability solution for your business.

Our Reduce Partnerships offer:

Virtual Sustainability Department 

Our Virtual Sustainability Manager will lead in the strategy, design, planning and implementation of sustainability initiatives, taking away the extra work and playing a crucial role in helping your business achieve its sustainability objectives. This includes:

  • Your dedicated Sustainability Manager 
  • Participation in executive meetings and advice on sustainability issues, opportunities and risks
  • Design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of sustainability strategies and initiatives

Materiality Assessments 

Materiality Assessment is the process of identifying and prioritising existing social, environmental and governance business issues in order to inform your organisation’s strategy and reporting. If you haven’t had one done in the past, your sustainability journey starts here.

Sustainability Planning, Implementation and Measurement 

We will help you design, plan, implement and/or measure the impact of new or existing sustainability strategies and plans – no matter how big or small the project is.

Sustainability Reporting, Communication and Marketing

We can assist you to report on your sustainability efforts (using the GRI Standards, the most widely used reporting framework in Aotearoa New Zealand) and create sustainability communications and marketing strategies in line with your brand. 

Sustainability Education and Capacity Building

We can help you build the capacity of your team by providing ongoing mentoring to your staff, running a workshop tailored to your needs or taking them on one of our educational Waste Tours 

Ethical Procurement and Supply Chain Management Solutions 

We can help you manage issues in your procurement and supply chain – such as the presence of modern-day slavery – with expert support and/or tech solutions. 

Waste Audits and Waste Tours

Waste audits can help you understand your waste streams and the actions you will need to take to reduce your waste creation. Our educational Waste Tours educates your staff about these issues.

The Big Plan

We are pragmatic idealists: our work focuses on behavioural and social change.

Our Theory of Change is that if we raise the social and environmental standards of 7% of businesses in Aotearoa New Zealand, we will change their policies and practices and the behaviour of 70% of individuals. 

We can then leverage this power to influence our government to create more positive social and environmental policies and regulations. 

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If you need assistance with a specific sustainability project, or are ready to take your sustainability efforts to the next level but don't quite know what to do, we can help you. 

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