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Why Reduce?

Our Reduce service delivers bespoke programmes to implement circular solutions and waste reduction initiatives into your business.  Here are some examples of how we can support you: 

Implementing Sustainability

Our Virtual Sustainability Manager will lead in the design and implementation of your Sustainability strategy and initiatives, taking away the extra work and playing a crucial role in helping your business on its sustainability journey.

This includes:

  • Your dedicated Sustainability Manager
  • Creating a step-by-step plan to understand and implement a Strategy and Action plan
  • Participation in executive meetings and advice on risks, issues, and opportunities
  • Project planning and management

 Circular Solutions

We can provide research, information, options, and expert advice to provide solutions to a particular issue in your business. Whether this is a particular waste stream you wish to find a sustainable solution for, or how to redesign your procurement process to design out waste, we can help you rethink your processes to implement more circular models.

 Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain Options

How you purchase and what you purchase for your business has a vast impact on your overall environmental impact. Environmentally sustainable procurement means weighing up the impact of goods and services that you purchase, over the whole of their life, including their disposal.

We can help you implement more sustainable procurement practices and evaluation processes.

Solutions for Hard to Recycle items

We have expertise in finding solutions for hard-to-recycle items. Our All Heart Stores provide repurposing Hubs where items can be deconstructed for reuse or recycling.  We have partnerships with organisations that provide innovative up-and-down cycling options for items, such as apparel.


Reporting is a crucial element of understanding the impact your organisation has on the environment. We can help you measure so that you can manage and reduce waste and emissions.

  • Scope 1, 2, and 3 inputs for carbon emissions management
  • Waste reporting: encompassing your various waste removal and recycling providers, to create a consolidated report.

 Waste Education and Capacity Building

Build your team's capacity by engaging us to provide ongoing mentoring, run workshops tailored to your needs, or take you and your staff on one of our educational Waste Tours.

 Waste Audits and Waste Stream Analysis

Waste Audits can help you understand your waste streams so that you can plan actions to reduce waste.  We can organise a waste audit and provide the required labour or do this together with your staff to get them engaged with the process. 

We will provide detailed reporting on your waste streams and their destinations and provide advice on how to reduce waste and maximise recovery.

Our Theory of Change

By raising the sustainability standards and practices of the top 0.5% of businesses* in Aotearoa New Zealand, we are directly changing the behaviour of 50% of our workforce and indirectly influencing their families and friends – growing the movement for a more sustainable society.

* By the number of employees: 2,670 businesses employ 1,142,300 people.  Source:  Feb 2022 Stats NZ 

Get In Touch

If you need assistance with a specific sustainability project, or are ready to take your sustainability efforts to the next level but don't quite know what to do, we can help you. 

Get in touch with our Sustainability Development Manager, Colinda Rowe 

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