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Kate Hall

Kate Hall

How Your Office Waste Can Support New Zealand Communities

See the warehouse below? All of these unwanted office items would have ended up in landfill if All Heart NZ didn’t exist.

Instead of landfill, these items end up in the office spaces of incredible community driven businesses who help New Zealand communities thrive. Businesses just like CLM Community Sport.

Who is CLM Community Sport?

CLM Community Sport is a significant delivery partner for The Auckland Approach to Community Sport in Counties Manukau, alongside Harbour Sport, Sport Waitākere and Sport Auckland across the wider Auckland area. They’re keen to create a hub of activity in the Manukau area that is owned and directed by the community themselves.

Aktive sets the regional strategy for sport and recreation for Auckland, and CLM Community Sport seeks to build capacity and capability within the community.  They aim to be solution-focused, innovative in their approach, empathetic and responsive to the region.

CLM Community Sport promotes better lives and futures for individuals and communities using sport and recreation as a vehicle.

All Heart NZ helped set up CLM Community Sport’s new office spaces in January this year. We’re so inspired by what CLM Community Sport have already achieved and the great things they will achieve in the future through their vision, mission, and key principles.

VISION – A vibrant, healthy and active community that is connected.

MISSION:  To promote better lives and futures for individuals and communities using sport and recreation as a vehicle.


  • Adding Value
  • Connecting People 
  • Empowering Communities 
  • Activating Our Region
The CLM Community Sport Team

CLM Community Sport are behind many projects, teams, and initiatives within their community. For example, last year they ran a 12-week challenge for Pasifika women. The focus was to provide a platform for Pasifika Women to gather together on a health and wellbeing fitness journey that they had co-designed. The women chose what they wanted to do. The group picked a range of activities they wanted to try out like hula classes, swimming, boxing, and gym workouts.

The challenge kicked off: 32 women, 4 teams, and a whole lot of self investment! They held each other accountable, grew strong friendships and self confidence, acknowledged their successes and supported the wins of others. Collectively, they lost 250kgs, but the most rewarding part was how the positive results of the challenge rippled throughout their community. Having happy and healthy women positively impacted their families, their church groups, and work places.

Aunties Challenge

The Big Move

CLM Community Sport’s move into their new office space in Manukau Sports bowl will enable them to continue their brilliant work within the Counties Manukau community. All Heart NZ were honoured to be part of their move and set up their new site with redirected office furniture that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

After the All Heart NZ Manukau team measured the space and created a floor plan, our volunteers loaded up the vans with office items ready to fill the new space.

The Transformation

CLM Community Sport are all set up in their new office space, and we were thrilled to be part of the setup!

Next time you go to send office ‘waste’ to the tip, think twice. What may not be useful to you, could be useful to others.

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