Auckland City Mission
Kate Hall

Kate Hall

Helping Communities Through Auckland City Mission

24,870 emergency food parcels distributed, 10,729 medical consultations provided, and 870 visits to support isolated elderly people. This is just a small snippet of what Auckland City Mission have achieved in the last 12 months, and All Heart NZ are proud to have played a part in making it happen.

In 2019, we redirected office furniture (that would have ended up in landfill!) to Auckland City Mission to help their expanding team set up new work spaces. Although office furniture is just a tiny part of the puzzle, the impact of community organisations like Auckland City Mission drives us to do what we do.

We visited the headquarters to see exactly what Auckland City Mission are up to…

The entrance to Auckland City Mission.

Auckland City Mission is Auckland’s most influential social service provider. From finding people homes to medical assistance, food parcels to art classes, they are truly the heart of the city: opening their doors to everyone, and judging no one. You only need to look up at their walls as you walk through their offices, to see that their mission is drilled deep into everything they do.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. BE KIND. ALWAYS.”

An office wall at Auckland City Mission.

During our visit, the community centre was open for lunch. Every single day (including Christmas!), volunteers serve healthy and filling food to everyone who walks through the door. Another room for community events and workshops is next door; a space to host art classes, pottery classes, puzzle time, and so much more.

Food is a big part of how Auckland City Mission support the Auckland community. As well as serving hot and healthy meals, they send out approximately 23,000 food parcels to those in need every year. These parcels are made up of donations from the public and food that the Mission purchases.

Food parcels ready to help people struggling to make ends meet.

Moving upstairs, we spotted the desks we redirected that were once destined for landfill! Malina Hemming and Denise Rossi were busy at work when we stopped by, sitting comfortably at their desks- working hard to make Auckland City Mission tick.

Auckland City Mission will celebrate their 100th birthday this year! Imagine the vast amount of individuals they’ve supported since it all began.

We’re blessed to be able to help in a small but important way, and consistently blown away by the impact Auckland City Mission has on our community.

Thank you Auckland City Mission, for continuing to stand with Aucklanders in desperate need.

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