Panama Road School crockery cupboard
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All Heart NZ

Crockery from Corporates

All Heart NZ’s purpose is to support communities in need and, when we put out a call recently for a school or charity to receive a load of items from a corporate thinking sustainably, we had 63 requests! How to choose amongst so many worthy causes? And so it was the first respondent who received the goods – a Decile 1A school in one of the poorest communities in the country doing amazing work in their school of 230 students and families. First aid kits were used for on site and for school trips, mugs and glasses for the hardworking staff, as well as stationery for the pupils and office – pens, paper, exercise books and folders.

As the school said “It is great to know that items that corporates don’t want can find a great new home, and make a positive difference at our school, rather than going into landfill.” What a fantastic result!

We would love to support even more schools and non-profit groups like this one, so if your business wants to be part of the story making a difference to communities in Aotearoa, contact All Heart NZ to find out how we can help you.

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