5 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas for New Zealand Corporates
Kate Hall

Kate Hall

5 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas for New Zealand Corporates

Christmas in the office can be super stressful. You’re closing up projects, ensuring everything won’t fall apart while you’re on leave, all while trying your best to celebrate and reflect on the year just been. To add to your to-do list… Christmas gifts.

Gifting your clients, staff, and partners a thoughtful thank you present can go a really long way; especially if it aligns with your focus on sustainability. Christmas is not the time to throw out your environmental efforts and disregard your corporate responsibility. Ensure you’re making the best decisions for all stakeholders (that includes the planet!), even in the smallest decisions; like your Christmas Gifts.

To make this silly season easier, here are 5 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas for New Zealand Corporates.

Tree Gifts

Say “you’re valued” with a beautiful tree, terrarium, or gift basket. You can even choose to have your organisation’s logo embossed into the wooden box the gift comes in. Tree Gifts have provided gifts for business such as Trademe, Fujitsu and many more. Who doesn’t like a beautiful plant for their home or garden?

Shop at Tree Gifts here.


Imagine giving your clients a customised, low waste, and sustainable bundle of gifts this Christmas. CaliWoods can work with you to create a bundle that suits your budget and requirements, or simply choose from their range of eco products to add to your own hampers. Your staff and clients will be impressed by the thoughtfulness, and stoked knowing their gift supports a social enterprise who contributes to growing sustainable communities around New Zealand.

Shop at CaliWoods here.


Oxfam recently launched their online store, just in time for Christmas! Their gifts are perfectly laid out online in a Christmas gift guide, so you can pick and choose what suits you. Their Christmas cards are tasteful and New Zealand inspired, and their chocolate is a sure way to keep clients onboard in the New Year!

Shop at the Oxfam Shop here.

The Good Registry

Giving feels so GOOD. If you’re comfortable mixing it up, gift the gift of feeling great about giving back and seeing Aotearoa thrive by purchasing The Good Registry gift vouchers. These unique gift vouchers allow the recipient to choose a charity they would like to spend it on. Everyone involved feels brilliant, no waste ends up in landfills, and your recipient will most likely remember that special gift forever.

Shop at The Good Registry here.

The Good Registry Gift Card to support charities in New Zealand.

Million Metres Streams Project

Perhaps the most unique sustainable corporate gift of them all, is the concept of gifting trees to a New Zealand river in need. Simply purchase a bundle of native trees, choose the river you’d like them planted at, and pass on the card to your staff member or client to say “Merry Christmas”!

Shop at Million Metres here.

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