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Kate Hall

Kate Hall

5 Steps to Considering Your Business Footprint

Being in business without considering sustainability isn’t a choice anymore. Now more than ever, it’s paramount for every single company, no matter the size, to consider people and planet in all decision making and strategy. Every business has some type of ‘footprint’, and it’s mandatory that every company steps up and takes responsibility for it.

But we understand: that’s not always easy.

If you’ve recently discovered the term ‘sustainability’ or ‘business footprint’; you’ve come to the right place.

5 Steps to begin considering your business footprint

Acknowledge where you are at

There’s no point jumping into solutions if you don’t have an understanding of your current footprint and impact on people and planet. Your product, service, location, and size, will all change the type of sustainable strategies you can put in place.

Begin by auditing your current business footprint to discover areas of focus and need for your business type.

Get staff buy in

It’s going to feel a little like pushing water up a hill if you don’t gather the troops and get everyone on board. Whether this looks like educating your staff on the importance of the environment, or personally taking them to ground roots community groups to see how your business could contribute positively to their wellbeing: do it.

Get all your staff involved from the get go. This may look like a group visit to waste facilities (contact us for zero waste tours!), watching educational documentaries as a team, or a brainstorming session to hear personal ideas of sustainability.

Consult with specialists

Sustainability consultants exist for a reason. Having someone who has expertise in the field of sustainability can save a lot of time, energy, money, and stress. Doing it right the first time by having a sustainability specialist audit, recommend, and even implement changes can mean a future headache is avoided.

Find a sustainability consultant who suits your business needs. They are generally able to offer both an audit and forward thinking strategy. At All Heart NZ we offer this service, plus help you implement the changes too! Please contact us to inquire.

Learn from example

There’s no point reinventing the wheel. With the rise in awareness around sustainability, there are brilliant leaders who are paving  the way in sustainable business practice.

Check out The Warehouse Group & Air New Zealand to see how they’re embracing corporate sustainability.

One step at a time

Too often, businesses try to completely overhaul their processes and structure in order to become 100% sustainable instantly. This is not a positive decision for the longevity of the company. Make changes one at a time, so they can become robust and solidified before more change happens. Too much change can bring about things such as staff issues and customer confusion, so it’s important to strategise a long term plan rather than change overnight.

Face in the right direction, at the right time; sustainability is a process that takes planning infused into every area.

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